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Environmental Protection

Protection of our environment has an impact on all phases of production and distribution processes. An active environmental company policy demands the inclusion of environmental issues in decision – making processes and operational structures within a company.

A company representative for specific areas concerning environmental protection is legally defined.

The tasks and responsibilities of this representative are also legally defined.  These responsibilities include the monitoring, controlling, advising, distribution of information and commitment to the procedures.

We can assume the following representative positions for your business:
- waste management
- immissions control
- water pollution control
- hazardous incidents
- risk prevention

A single representative for environmental protection is not required by law. An environmental protection representative is a person, who in personal union combines the legal requirements or who bears the title for compliance with the operating environmental issues.

We would like to support you in your search for the appropriate representative for your operating conditions.

Operating environmental protection:

  • assistance in the adoption of environmental management systems
  • assuming the operational tasks of an external representative for immissions control, water pollution control, waste management, risk prevention, radiation protection
  • Environmental reports (BUBE)

 Waste management / consultation

  • prepare waste management concepts for communal and industrial clients
  • mass flow analysis and management
  • operating implementation of environmental law, ordinances, guidelines and directives

Facility design and authorization procedures:

  • coordination between the permit authorities and those responsible as well as the preparation of a complete application for all permits
  • compilation of the documents and supervision during the authorization procedures
  • environmental impact assessment
  • concepts for waste treatment and recycling
  • emissions declaration (11.BlmSchV)
  • safety reports (12.BlmSchV)
  • waste balances and management concepts
  • operating documentation and maintenance


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