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Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance refers to the process or procedure to ensure that activities follow relevant laws, regulations or permits. Compliance is a particular challenge for many companies because of the growing number of regulations in the fields of environmental protection, energy and safety. Relevant legislation needs to be identified, interpreted and implemented. If the requirements determined by the environmental, energy, or health and safety laws are not systematically implemented, the risk of non-compliance increases.

A legal-compliance check and thus a recording of the actual situation on the premises (LC Audit) - including but not limited to systems, procedures and processes - is an established tool to detect deviations and implement compliance measures.
The regulations, or rather the obligations arising from the regulations can be clearly documented in an onsite-specific legal register.

Within the framework of various management systems a legal register can serve as proof that the company has introduced and implemented a process to identify internal and external requirements and be used 

as a communication tool to all involved persons within a business.
The nature and extent of a legal register is determined by the individual needs of the company. Therefore, each register is a customized solution with various levels of information in which a permit can be integrated.
In order to ensure lasting success,
we do not only audit and assist in establishing a legal register we also provide training services to employees responsible for implementing, maintaining and renewing all systems referring to legal compliance objectives.  Furthermore, we offer an update service of the legal register.

If you also need a special HSE-IT-platform, we can offer you customized solutions. We are working with the software EcoWebDesk from EcoIntense GmbH, Berlin. “EcoWebDesk legal compliance” program provides a format to evaluate the need for protection measures against any legal-non-compliances on the field of HSE (Health, Safety, Environmental).

We are able to offer services that range from the implementation of management systems according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 or DIN EN ISO 50001  till the final certification as well as the integration of environmental, health and safety and energy management processes into existing quality management systems.

Our services:

  • Legal Compliance Audits
    • Development of a Legal register /
    • Update service of the legal register
    • Regulations management
    • Workshops and briefings
    • Develop procedures / processes
    • Implementation of management
    systems to certification
    • Regular Compliance-Check / Audits

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